Mary Murphy Songwriter, Musician and Indie Recording Artist; Maine Music

Mary Murphy is a Maine Musician. She is an award winning singer, songwriter and performer.

About Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy playing the piano

About Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy playing the guitar Mary Murphy playing the guitar and keyboards

I am mainly a self-taught musician, what some call a natural. When I was a baby, I remember hearing harmony being sung (on the radio) and I loved it. It stuck with me. I started picking out songs on a toy piano at around age three. I wrote my first blues song when I was twelve years old, after receiving a folk guitar as a gift from my parents, and kept writing through the years. The Murphy musicians go back many generations in the USA, Canada and Ireland. My early childhood musical memories were of relatives and friends of the family who would bring their instruments to our home to jam with my father, Chester Murphy, a finger-picking guitarist and soulful singer of country and folk tunes. My early influences included my father and watching him play, I adapted his finger-picking guitar style. Other influences were Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash and various folk artists. Later influences include Johnny Winter, Billie Holiday, Memphis Minnie, Janis Joplin & more. While in my twenties, I signed with B.M.I. (Broadcast Music International) as a song-writer and performer.

I began writing jingles and performing them for a local recording studio shortly after graduating high school. Some of them won awards, but there was not much recognition for me as the writer or performer of them at that time. Ten years later, I went to U.M.A. and studied core requirements and electives, with a heavy concentration of music and sociology, earning an associate of science in general studies. After getting my degree, I did some substitute teaching and a lot of tutoring in various subjects (including art and music). In addition, I taught night courses at Lewiston High School in vocal technique/harmony, and piano. I had a studio in Auburn where I taught group and private lessons in voice and piano/keyboard as well.

I have a working knowledge of French and a few other languages and sometimes will include some French songs or a Danish tune here and there in my concerts.

I have won numerous state and international awards for writing and performing music from DECMA (Downeast Country Music Association) and NACMAI (North America Country Music Association International).

Mary Murphy Discography

Currently I have three Cds available digitally at major music download sites. They are all original.

Music For All The Good Lads & Lasses is a multi-genre album and God's Love is gospel. My newest Cd is a 5 song E.P. called Stubborn. Hard copies of Stubborn will be available on this website shortly. Lately I've been writing more songs about things I think about as I get older. Some of these songs are thoughtful observations and theories while others are humorous and fun. In addition to general concert venues I also perform for various memory care facilities and have a passion for comforting and connecting with my audience through my music. I enjoy performing a variety of music and lending my jazzy and blues feel to it. No matter what the genre, I sing with soul and that's the blues in me.

Stubborn Album from Mary Murphy

1. Do What's Right
Do What's Right has a reggae feel to it which I hope makes it fun, while delivering a positive message.
2. Stubborn
Stubborn was written about losing a romantic relationship with a loved one, while affirming that it's still okay to care.
3. Hey, Where Are You
Hey, Where Are You is about trying to understand the whys of a loss.
4. When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone What more can I say? It's classic blues.
5. You Can't Run Away
You Can't Run Away (from yourself, that is!)

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Other Albums from Mary Murphy

God’s Love

God’s Love Album from Mary Murphy

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Music for all the good lads

Music for all the good lads & Lasses Album from Mary Murphy

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